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Monthly Archives: November 2011

  • Company Spotlight: Maplegrove Gluten Free Foods

    Posted on November 22, 2011 by Gluten-Free Saver

    This week, our featured product is the Pastariso gluten-free mac & cheese instant meal cup. This easy, delicious mini-meal is perfect for those of you who might need to grab  quick bite to eat before running out the door.

    Therefore, here's a little more information about the mac & cheese meal cups...

    The instant mac & cheese meal cups are brought to you by Maplegrove Gluten Free Foods. Maplegrove is a family owned business that specializes in gluten-free products. A number of individuals in from the company have food allergies - and some have celiac disease - which is why Maplegrove is able to understand the issues of gluten intolerance and other food allergies.

    Although Maplegrove is a small company, it is North America's largest manufacturer of gluten-free pasta products! There are two primary factors that set Maplegrove apart from the rest of the pack.

    1. Their products are manufactured in a controlled gluten-free environment. Sourcing and transportation of raw materials, production, packing, transport and storage of finished products are areas of key importance in maintaining quality. Extreme vigilance is maintained to ensure a total and strict gluten free production environment. The company does not produce any gluten containing products and employs standards as set by the United States Food & Drug Administration, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and even stricter standards as set by customers such as the large, multinational baby food manufacturers. HACCP certification is expected in the near future.

    2. They guarantee high quality foods. Maplegrove Gluten Free Foods is also a certified organic and Kosher producer and undergoes several inspections and audits annually to guarantee all standards are met and exceeded. No genetically modified ingredients are used in any of the company's products. Maplegrove maintains its quality advantage by sourcing all raw material and from growers and processors that maintain a strict gluten free environment throughout their production cycle.

    The Pastariso gluten-free mac & cheese instant meal cups can be ready to eat in just 3.5 minutes and are free from wheat, gluten, soy, eggs and nuts.

    Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to get your hands on a 12-pack of these instant mac & cheese meal cups at a whopping 50% off retail price!  Click here to check out the deal.

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  • Half Off 12-Pack Of Pastariso Gluten-Free Mac & Cheese Meal Cups!

    Posted on November 20, 2011 by Gluten-Free Saver

    This week, the featured deal on Gluten-Free Saver is perfect for those of you who lead a busy lifestyle and need to have some easy, convenient and tasty gluten-free meals on hand.

    From now, until Sunday, November 27th, 2011, you can get half off a 12-pack of Pastariso gluten-free mac & cheese meal cups!  These portable, delicious, instant mac & cheese meal cups are:

    - The first instant gluten-free meal cup in the market.
    - Free from wheat, gluten, soy, eggs and nuts.
    - Made with 100% US Non-GMO ingredients.
    - Certified gluten-free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization – dedicated facility.
    - Easy and convenient, allowing you to enjoy a safe meal on the go simply by adding water and microwaving for 3.5 minutes.
    - Great for traveling, at school/work, to bring to friend’s house when visiting, as a snack at home, emergency food for the car, in restaurants for kids’ meals or when you just need a break from cooking after a long day!


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  • Half Off One Year Subscription To Delight Gluten-Free Magazine!

    Posted on November 13, 2011 by Gluten-Free Saver

    In this week's featured deal, you can get half off a one year subscription to Delight Gluten-Free Magazine!

    You pay only $9, but get a FULL YEAR'S subscription - an $18 value - to Delight Gluten-Free Magazine, which is considered to be one of the most entertaining, educational and informative publications about living gluten-free!

    Delight Gluten-Free Magazine is a quarterly international food & lifestyle publication for people living with food allergies and sensitivities. Filled with enlightening, in-depth articles, glossy photographs and gourmet recipes that are delicious, as well as adhering to dietary restrictions, Delight Gluten-Free Magazine is on par with other popular mainstream food magazines on newsstands today.

    Every issue of Delight Gluten-Free Magazine includes:

    - Interviews with celebrities maintaining a gluten-free diet.
    - An Indulge section that features dozens of fully illustrated recipes that have all been tested and approved in-house by magazine test kitchen staff.
    - An Enlighten section that boasts educational and insightful articles designed to help you maintain a gluten-free diet.
    - A gluten-free lifestyle guide that includes safe and unsafe foods, as well as tips for understanding food additives and reading labels.
    - A Healthy Living section that teaches you how to maintain a perfect balance of nutrients in your diet and to better understand the food that you eat.
    -  A Travel & Leisure section that offers comprehensive travel articles to help you plan gluten-free, allergen-free trips around the world.
    - Plus much, much more!

    Check out the Delight Gluten-Free website for more information about their quarterly publication.

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  • And The Halloween Costume Contest Winner Is...

    Posted on November 7, 2011 by Gluten-Free Saver

    And the winner of the Halloween Costume Contest is (drum roll please)...
    Elizabeth Navin Nicol, with her "Superhero Family on the hunt for delicious gluten-free candy!"
    Elizabeth won a $20.00 voucher to Gluten-Free Saver!  Congrats!
    Thanks to everyone for all your great costume submissions. This was definitely a close contest!

    Here's a picture of the winning costume:

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  • Halloween Costume Contest!

    Posted on November 1, 2011 by Gluten-Free Saver

    Suffering from a candy hangover?

    We've got the perfect cure for you!  Post your Halloween costume pics on our Facebook Fan Page and, if you're selected as the winner of the best costume, you'll instantly receive a $20.00 voucher toward your next purchase on Gluten-Free Saver!

    After all, FREE money cures everything, right?

    Our team of expert Halloween costume judges will vote and announce a winner on Wed., November 2nd, 2011.  The winner will then receive a unique voucher code worth $20.00!

    Hurry, the contest only goes through the end of today, November 1st, 2011.  Good luck!

    Oh, and the above picture is of Chad Hines, co-founder of Gluten-Free Saver, with some co-workers at the GF$ West headquarters from yesterday.  This year, Chad decided to dress up as an NBA play on lockout, demanding to be paid more money!

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