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The Fine Print

good2eat4U membership includes:

  • Hundreds of delicious, quick and easy recipes free-from processed foods. 
  • Member Discounts on all good2eat4U products, including: Herblends. 
  • Cooking demonstration live-stream and videos. 
  • Shopping lists to organize a kitchen for a healthy diet. 
  • Daily Needs Chart that can be printed to keep track of your nutritional needs 
  • Recipe headings include calories, skill level and nutritional servings. 
  • Recipes that can involve the whole crowd, no matter how (in)experienced they are. 
  • Recipes include a list of tools needed to execute the recipe with alternatives to produce the results by hand. 
  • Newsletters include the latest nutritional discoveries as well as notification of blog-posts that include recipes and links to recipes in line with the month's theme. 
  • Chef Tips to improve your cooking skills on videos, in newsletters and separate pages in the site. 

*Dessert Cookbook can be substituted with any other cookbooks offered.  


  • Your free Cookbook is a ‘living’ E-Cookbook that continues to be added to and can be downloaded or left on the website cloud.
  • There are no Ads, no video interruptions and no popups.
  • This diet is not new but it is newsworthy and it is based on organic products with information on storing them and getting them on the table quickly.
  • All recipes are based on real, whole foods that were used before the industrialization and over-processing of food changed everything.
  • Learn techniques and shortcuts that are suitable to a rushed lifestyle.
  • The restaurant and packaged product recommendations are honest and sponsor-free.

About the Deal

Connect the dots between what you eat and the quality of your life. Learn everything you need to know to EASILY and QUICKLY eat healthier. Chef Good is a personal chef, Italian grandmother and certified nutrition coach. Chef Good's unique recipes offer maximum health, strength, stamina and mental focus. 

The most important decision you make every day is what you choose to eat. Are you sick of feeling sick? Chef Good developed and tested all of the recipes on site and in cookbooks. Our membership keeps us unsponsored and honest in our recommendations and opinions. 

The Company

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"Not only kids but so-thought cosmopolitan adults play it safe when it comes to choosing a food palate. Routine and unhealthy habits die hard. But Good 2 Eat 4 U has been my guide back to adventurous eating and this time, on the path of healthy foods. The chef from Good 2 Eat 4 U is my trusted go-to source for "how-to" shop and prepare ingredients to get the most flavor and health benefits from them. I need look no further for recipes to inspire me. I have seen that Good 2 Eat 4 U recipes address the health concerns of any allergic people at my table while fulfilling their desire to thoroughly enjoy the meal together and to celebrate rich tastes. "Play with your Food" goes further, empowering chefs young and old to let their eye and their imagination and good spirits come into play with the foods they prepare. Finally, for children who need to grow and adults who want to, this chef has developed a sure-fire set of steps for expanding into new or unfamiliar foods. "

- Mindy and Julian

"Books play an important role in everyone's life. You read, you learn and you implement whatever you have learned. The cookbooks on this site have changed the way I eat completely. I now find myself considering what foods eaten through the coarse of the day and balancing out my servings of what is necessary to satisfy my nutrition. I am satisfied and no longer make bad snacking choices. I feel so much healthier and energized. Thank you, the information you offer makes sense and is easy to follow."

- Venny

"Glad to now be a member, I have Celiac Disease and the necessary changes to my diet were daunting to me. This website has facilitated my change completely."

- Paul Alexander