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    • One back issue from 2012
    • One back issue from 2013
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  • Instantly save 50% on THREE back issues of Gluten-Free Living magazine - regularly $10 each!

About the Deal

Gluten-Free Living magazine was the first national, full-color magazine completely devoted to helping you live a happy, healthy gluten-free lifestyle. So when it comes to knowledge and history, Gluten-Free Living has a lot to share.  

Previous issues of the magazine are packed with recipes, tips and tricks to help you with the small but important lifestyle matters and in-depth articles on the most essential gluten-free topics. Whether you’re looking for details on gluten-free flour brands or updates on the gluten-free labeling law, Gluten-Free Living has covered it all. 

And now you can see all that past great coverage at a discount with this blast-from-the-past, exclusive Gluten-Free Saver offer. For just $18, you receive three back issues of the magazine, a limited edition canvas bag and a subscription to the Gluten-Free Living email newsletter

Back issues from 2014:
• January/February 2013
• March/April 2013
• May/June 2013
• July/August 2013
• September/October 2013
• November/December 2013

Choose one back issue from 2012:
• Spring 2012
• Summer 2012
• Fall 2012
• Winter 2012

Choose one back issue from 2011:
• Spring 2011
• Summer 2011
• Fall 2011
• Winter 2011

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"A must have for those living with celiac. This publication is extremely thorough and will answer questions you haven't even thought of about the gluten-free diet and making it a lifestyle. Gluten Free Living helps to clear up the confusion about what is gluten-free and what isn't. Their in-depth research and analysis is very impressive. A must have for your gluten-free library and keeping informed about the latest topics and issues in the gluten-free world."

- Robin A.

"Gluten-Free Living serves as the cornerstone for information about managing a gluten-free diet successfully. Whenever we are in doubt, we know that we can turn to this magazine for help. The information is unquestionably correct. It is so great to have a resource that you can count on 100% of the time!"

- Nancy G.